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Angie (Metaphyzgirl) is a respected and trusted healer/therapist based in the UK

I am a Quantum Therapist; PSYCH-K Facilitator, Reiki master, Spiritual Alchemist, Truth Seeker, Soul Searcher and Light worker. I am interested in all aspects of healing; spiritual and mystical traditions; Psychic phenomena, the Qabalah, Metaphysics and Cosmic Ordering; and always looking to gain a deeper understanding of our Cosmos and our place in it. I resonate with the vibrations of love, compassion and kindness. My work here in the material world is to refine the vibrations I currently emit; Evolve and Ascend in Consciousness; and shine the light of  Source.

For many years I have worked as a Psychic/Mystic and always had a great interest in the esoteric arts. These days I work more with metaphysical energy and quantum healing. Quantum theory is the study of probability or the belief that we can change an outcome by changing our thought pattern; I have incorporated this into my therapies to help clients to become the architect of their life rather than leaving it to fate to decide an outcome. Many people feel powerless in their lives; quantum therapy helps clients achieve a more positive frame of mind in a manner that helps clients to reclaim their own inner power. Quantum therapy is healing at the cutting edge.

My role as a quantum therapist is to help the client recognize their own personal power and to help change negative thought patterns to a more productive attitude. I achieve this by helping clients to access and activate their own quantum reality; enabling clients to open their own personal world to infinite possibilities is extremely self-empowering. Quantum therapy allows deep healing to occur within the physical, spiritual, holographic and subtle energy bodies.

As the world enters into a new vibration it brings with it new spiritual and quantum paradigms. We can no longer look outwards for answers to improve our life experiences; the answers lie within us. We have the power to turn our lives around; all we have to do is ‘look-within’ and allow quantum healing to open the door to the answers you seek.

I am a Registered Meta-Physician (World Metaphysical Association)  – I seek Source/the Infinite/God/All That Is … through the study of Quantum Physics, Spiritual Philosophy, Meditation, Metaphysical Prayer, Invocations and Affirmations.

I am also a Registered Holistic Therapist (IPHM –  International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine; and  Healers Unite) as well as  an accreditied ‘Training Provider’ (IPHM) and offer ‘Quantum Practitioner Workshops/qualifications’, as well as ‘Reiki Attunements’ and ‘Personal Development Packages’ on my website.


Favourite Quotations

Be careful what you wish for you might just get it! – If it aint broke don’t fix it ! – If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always got. – When the student is ready the Master will appear.

I love networking with like-minded others, please feel free to visit my other web-sites and pages:

Quantum Alchemy Academy




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  1. Thank you for reblogging my paper. If you wish to reblog any of my other papers and require the pdf or word files please contact me and I will consider to provide you with the original manuscripts of my papers. As you know most of my recent papers (2016) were published in the jpeg format as to avoid tampering. Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi.

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