Rare, Amazing Energies Begin Arriving January 9th 2017 –

By Molly McCordNext week, a HIGHLY unique astrology event begins!ALL planets in our solar system will be going direct for nearly 4 weeks — this rare event has not occurred since early 2011.Beginning on January 9th, after Mercury stations direct at 28 deg Sagittarius, we’ll have all 12 planets moving FORWARD for 4 weeks of action, manifestation, development, joy, and growth.Instant manifestations are already happening for many of us!This is the first huge download of higher energies we’ve had for awhile!Are you READY for the next chapter of your life to really begin?It may have felt slow going in some areas of your life since the new year started, but the shift is coming – keep that faith. 🙂January and February are going to provide big opportunities for moving you forward with your intentions, dreams, and desires. It is time for action and things to get off the ground, even if you may have given up on them previously or thought it would never happen, or did not know what to do next.It will happen and it is happening and it was simply waiting for the right time – so be ready to say YES and be willing to stretch yourself in new ways.

Source: Rare, Amazing Energies Begin Arriving January 9th 2017 –

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