Archangel Michael ~ Upgraded DNA, Crystalline Structure Changes — Love Has Won

By Leslie-Anne Menzies, 11/01/2016

Dear Masters,Prepare for the ride of your lives, hats firmly in place, hands on the wheel – HERE WE GO!As we move toward the 11/11 energies, followed by the Intense Super Moon, then sliding into the 12/12 energetics. It will feel like moments instead of days. You are travelling the PATH OF ACCELERATED GROWTH – nothing you haven’t prepared for. This incarnation was always going to be a “wild ride” but you knew that and still you cried out – “send me.” Here you are, can you feel the excitement building? This year of 2016 will complete in an instant, time accelerates and within a blink of an eye 2017 a (1) year of absolutely new beginnings, begins. Not much of what you leave behind will be remembered – your focus will be on all that is new, all that is unfolding including the new YOU.The ascension symptoms continue to affect you – how can they not! You are metamorphosing – the old dense carbon body you, is upgrading to the new model. In 2016 so much of the new model YOU will be online. Upgraded DNA, crystalline structure changes. The membranes you placed upon your hearts are melting away – are you noticing more heart energy, compassion and love being radiated on your planet? So many more abilities are becoming available to you, upgrades in sight, sound and healing all becoming evident. YOU REMEMBERING YOU will become a theme in 2017 as the gift wrapping falls away and the reveal of your true Spirit shines through. (Cont …)

Source: Archangel Michael ~ Upgraded DNA, Crystalline Structure Changes — Love Has Won


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