Overshopping Consciousness | Soul Realignment

Last week, I went shopping for groceries. I was extremely hungry. I was also very tired at the end of a long day. And I bet you can guess what happened … I bought WAY too much food!In my head, I was absolutely committed to cooking something delicious for dinner that night, and a whole bunch of meals over the next few days. Naturally, by the time I got home I was far too tired and hungry to actually COOK. Dinner was crackers and hummus.A week later, most of those delicious meals still hadn’t materialized, and a whole bunch of produce was rotting in my fridge. What a waste!The funny thing is … I see this exact same issue happening in the spiritual development community ALL the time. And the consequences are much more far-reaching than having to toss out some old asparagus.We are hungry … hungry for more self-knowledge, hungry for a deeper understanding of our purpose and how we create our experience, hungry for higher levels of consciousness.We are also very tired. We KNOW we are Divine Beings in this human experience, we know we should be able to create the life we want with ease, we know that we are just at the very edge of our potential … and yet, our lives may look not-so-Divine. We’re still struggling with money, with health, with relationships.

Source: Overshopping Consciousness | Soul Realignment

Really good article that many of us will resonate with!


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