How and why are our cells smarter than we are?

Brilliant, but does this mean that if I suffer from asthma – do my cells have problems breathing? How does this work Bruce?

the biology of belief

Human civilization – a “mere” 7 billion of us — is currently struggling to survive.  Meanwhile, the 50 trillion cellular citizens under our skin live in harmony and bliss. There is a misperception in that we are not singular entities, we are communities comprised of living units called cells.  All of the “characters” that we express as humans are derived from the functioning of our cells.

Interestingly, where we have organs to carry out a function, a cell has organelles (miniature organs) carrying out the same functions.  In fact, there is NO new function in a human body that is not already expressed by cells.  Every system we have, e.g., digestive, respiratory, excretory, reproductive, nervous and immune system among others, is present in every cell.  Interestingly, the same mechanisms used by a cell to carry out its behaviors are the very same mechanisms at the heart of our human systems…

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