Even Positive People Have Negative Thoughts | Wake Up World

Half Empty Half Full

By Dawn WaltonGuest Writer for Wake Up WorldWe are all one thought away from happiness, but most of us don’t realise it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could realise that and act on it? It’s all about our ability to realise that a thought isn’t real. Once we realise it’s not real, we can change it.How can you tell the difference between a thought that you should pay attention to and one that’s trying to lead you astray? They all seem the same.The subconscious is in charge for at least 90% of the day. It’s a primitive and defensive part of the brain. I think this is why we often focus on those things that aren’t right in our life (instead of those that are). There is a quote I often see shared “Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have”.Have you ever had one of those days where one minute everything is ticking along fine and then you get some bad news and suddenly your whole world seems to close in on you? If you think about it, in that moment, all that’s changed is something in your head. Often there is nothing you can actually do as it has merely been information, but your perception and reality has changed.Bad things are happening all the time (so are good things) but when they enter our reality, our thoughts change. In those moments, it becomes irrelevant that you can’t actually do anything. You work through different situations in your head, trying to prepare for lots of different scenarios – I call this “situation thinking”.Thoughts Define Our Reality

via Even Positive People Have Negative Thoughts | Wake Up World.

Wonderful piece of work, informative, helpful. Click link to continue reading.


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