How do you store your experiences?

Don’t you just love epigenetics and Bruce Lipton; checck out this informative article.

the biology of belief

“Many indigenous healers say that negative experiences are not just stored in the brain, but that they are stored in every cell in our body and that negative experiences can be passed on through the generations.” –Evelyn Einhaeuser

This is supported by epigenetics. For example there is a research done with a mouse. And the mouse got to smell cherry blossoms. It is a sweet smell, but once they put the smell in, they shocked the mouse. So every time it would smell this sweet smell, it would get a shock. At some point the mouse got afraid, it knew that as soon as the smell came the shock would be coming. They mated the mouse and the offspring of that mouse, even if that mouse had never smelled cherry blossom, had a fear response to it.

So that was passed on to the next generation. But what I…

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3 thoughts on “How do you store your experiences?

  1. This makes a lot of sense to me. Especially from what I have experienced in my Shamanic practice and from healing my own negative programming embedded in my DNA. By strengthening and reprogramming my own DNA there was also an appreciable improvement in the lives of my extended family members too.


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