What if you never have to choose again between being rich and being spiritual?

Wow, another great post. Please visit Janette Getu’s blog its so full of inspirational and Conscious expanding posts.

Where Material me meets Spiritual Me

Over time, the gap between spirituality and material wealth has been greatly widened by society and especially religion as a whole. There seems to be a collective agreement that was made by previous generations,which is still being passed on telepathically, that makes so many settle for less than their hearts would desire simply because they want to remain good people. Somehow, being rich and wealthy has been associated with being “bad”. Being a materialistic individual and one who loves a life of luxury, I have always said my taste is very simple and easy; I only want the best all the way. That has landed me in a lot of heated discussions and debates and I found it rather hard to ever manifest a relationship that fulfilled me because most people tend to be either only materialistic and lost or too simple, centered and holistic yet a bit too much…

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