The One shift that can dramatically and instantly change your life

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Where Material me meets Spiritual Me

8226451812_88007f08dfYou might think it to be an exaggeration but really it’s not! I wish to share with you an insight that could be the missing link between all your hard work and the manifestations you want. The main reason I am so passionate about teaching the spiritual side of manifesting wealth and material riches is because for a really long time I was stuck and desperate for riches as well as that feeling of fulfillment and meaning that we all want to experience. The success I was chasing after was coming in spoonful doses and always at the expense of something that was valuable to me. I grew up cradled by paradigms that only expressed lack, limitation and separation. And from that basis, the choice that I consciously made to seek material wealth automatically cancelled me out from ever being a “good girl” or valuing myself as a virtuous woman…

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