Window 672 – The scars of judgment

So true; Judging another is so depleting to the spirit.

A Window Of Wisdom


Every time we judge another, we are internally claiming that we are above their choices …but in reality, we are the one falling below Divine thinking.

At any given time any of us can fall out of grace , so have compassion and understanding instead of judgment… because it is so damaging to the spirit of whom we judge and our own.

~ WOW~

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One thought on “Window 672 – The scars of judgment

  1. Indeed. Others are a mirror to our own failings. If we judge,we are simply projecting the shadow self away instead of embracing and integrating. We lose so much of our energetic vitality in this process. Noticing what we judge in others is actually a great self-therapy tool for what is really wrong with us that we are in denial about.

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