Gratitude Prayer: A Daily Multi-dimensional Tune-up

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 A gratitude prayer is a way of connecting with and harmonizing our multi-dimensional aspects. It can be very flexible depending on the occasion, season, where it’s happening, or the co-creative participation of the influences mentioned within it.


You can customize however you like. For example you could choose to honour deities like Brigid for Celtic Pagan Imbolc, or Tara Buddha as part of a regular daily protection against negativity. You may include a specific departed ancestor/s in support of family occasions, or  seasonal animals or plants in addition to your personal spirit animal or plant guides, as the mood takes you.

You can include as little or as much information as you like. If something random pops up in your mind during the prayer, put it in the mix. It may have an important message for you to figure out during the course of your day…

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