What are the Akashic Records? | Akashic Soul Healing

Akashic Records

Spirituality is simple living with love in your hearts and no judgements for others. This is simple but we are complicated human beings. We are blinded with the physical world and unable to see the unseen. There are a lot of us who are awakening to our truth which is our spirit and multi dimensional state of being. This is our truth, we are Light coming from the Source of all that is. What we see are fractals of ourselves expressing in our own uniqueness but truly we are all one in the unified fields of the universal energy. The shadows of ourselves are animated by those who are around us and brings attention to our separated unconscious thoughts. When we become aware of these shadows, we are able to harmonized these into our selves. We will know how to integrate these into our being, when we take the time to listen to the signs that are given to us.The Akashic Records are your blueprints to know all your fragmented selves and bring them into alignment into your highest potential. They are

via What are the Akashic Records? | Akashic Soul Healing.


2 thoughts on “What are the Akashic Records? | Akashic Soul Healing

  1. Thank you very much for introducing me to Teza’s work. Very insightful and synchronistically right on the mark, as a lot of your posts are for me. BTW: I nominated you for an Excellence Blog Award. It was posted about a week ago, so you may have to scroll back through the reader quite a bit ( just look for the big gold Excellence emblem. Can’t miss it! ) May your New Year be filled with more peace, love and abundence than you ever thought possible.


    1. Thank you so much Leeby Geeby for your comments and your nomination. I will seek it out and attend to it when I have a little more time because it is family day today. Happy new year to you, my fellow blogger.


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