Clearing & Understanding Past Lives

Another great article by Paula Wratten (Teacher / Healer)

Paula Wratten

During the time of our ancient civilisations the earth vibrated at a higher frequency, when a soul departed from our planet it was able to depart our atmosphere and travel to the chosen dimension. The soul was clear of the karmic trap and left earth without getting caught in the reincarnation loop. The soul was able at that point in earths history to decide its own fate and if it was connected to the earth vibration, which was considerably different to the one we experience now, the consciousness of the soul could decide to reincarnate, if it wanted to experience the physical body again.

I do not believe in karma, I do believe in energy, we are co-creators of our own destiny and create the experiences and vibrational matches we manifest with thoughts and deeds.

When our world was hijacked and mankind was subjected to DNA manipulation it interrupted the…

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