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Thank you for sharing this I found it so inspiring I just had to share it.

Humanity Is Being Re-Patterened

October 18, 2014 by New Earth Paradigm

Alia’s Post Script: After posting this I realized that it may sound as though something is being “done to us.” Nothing could be further from the truth. We are the initiators of this process described below. As more Light (Information) enters our cells, it causes the apparent chaos and dissolution of the comfortable and familiar within us and within the social structures of our human collective. There are no victims. We are each calling for this evolutionary upgrade from a place deep within us. Even those of us who feel that we did not ask for this — at some level we each did. Within one human lifetime, we are metamorphosing from “homo sapien sapien” to “homo luminous” (also called “homo universalis” and “homo pacificus.”) If you are here on Earth at this time, you have chosen to be part of the Greatest Show in the Universe. Congratulations! You chose well.

It can appear that chaos rules the world, if you take at face value what is shown to you in the headlines of the mainstream media these days. Wars, Pandemics, Crashing Economies, Magnetic Pole Reversal, Weather Anomalies, Violations of Human Rights, Demonic Religious Legions Claiming Huge Swaths of Countries Overnight — it’s all there to stir terror in the hearts of the MSM audience (which happily is shrinking by the day as folks see through the smoke and mirrors.)

But recently, I have been taking the pulse of my own local area, corroborating it with certain messages that I read and coming to another conclusion about this supposed out-of-control-chaos. iI believe it’s leading up to something — something really huge and positive.

I believe that HUMANITY IS APPROACHING A NEW CYMATIC PATTERN. The chaos is driving this quantum leap for us all.

I went back into my archives to pull forward a video by physicist, Gregg Braden, that demonstrates how increasing vibrational frequency in water produces instantaneous re-patterning when the energy reaches a certain threshold, preceded by A DISSOLUTION OF THE OLD PATTERN. Feeling familiar?

Each of the new patterns emerges in a more complex and more beautiful form. This is wondrous to watch! As we (humanity) are the ones being re-patterned, we cannot see what is happening in an objective way. BUT WE CAN FEEL IT!

So take a moment — watch the video of how this works — and then begin to read those MSM headlines with an attitude that we’re close to a threshold of a NEW HUMAN PATTERN. The “chaos” must reach a certain threshold before the new pattern can form.

Open to the shift within –




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