Life is controlled by our perceptions

Bril article just had to reblog this.

The Power of Perception

“Life is not controlled by genes, it is controlled by perception” – Bruce Lipton.

How many illnesses and dis-eases are caused today as a result of misconception? According to Bruce Lipton and his research, all behaviour is controlled by our perception; including illness. It is normal for people to buy into the limiting beliefs and perceptions surrounding them; such as having a ‘gene’ for cancer. We believe that if something is genetic, and thus can be inherited, then we have no control over our fate. It is up to chance whether we develop the illness or not. Lipton shares in his book Biology of Belief that people who have been adopted into a family with a cancer ‘gene’ have the same chance of developing the same illness. How does that work?

If you believe that everything happens for a reason, like I do, then you won’t buy into the conclusion that it is…

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