Soul Sharing -(Kryon)

Thank you alpha alchemy for sharing this audio, Kryon reaches deep within and stirs the Soul.

Alpha Alchemy


New free Kryon audios were just posted. I listened to the first two.

Here is the link for the audio. If you left-click, it will open in a new tab with an audio player. If you right-click, you can download it as an mp3 by selecting “Save As.”

Here are some topics he discusses:

  • Humans make God 3-D (when God is actually multiple-D) because humans only consciously know 3-D.
  • The Creative Source (“God”) is made up of all that is, and it is responsible for all that exists everywhere, even outside our Universe. It is beyond our understanding of physics.
  • YOU are part of God. This can be hard for the linear (3-D) brain to understand.
  • The New Energy is causing you to expand your awareness of who you are.
  • Your soul is not separate from God. It is part of the whole. Therefore, you ARE God.
  • Spirit…

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