“Ascension Symptoms” — Part II — Our New Chakras

“Ascension Symptoms” — Part II — Our New Chakras.

My source for the information about our new chakras or energy centers came to me through Sheldan Nidle’s Webinar #35. I am giving a thumbnail sketch of this material in order to help people realize the enormity of the transformation of our human bodies that is now occurring. Humanity is about to make a quantum leap in the evolution of our species. Our growth rate is akin to that of a fetus or a newborn. Another parallel might be that each of us is pregnant with our own new version of Self. It is a 24/7/365 process. Wonder why you feel so tired after having done “nothing?” Think about it. Whatever you are doing in your life is occurring on top of (and in addition to) this process of self birth.

Chakra SystemTraditionally, we have been taught about seven chakras (energy centers) within our human bodies. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, I have included an image to refer to as we continue to learn about the “new” chakras together.

As I mentioned in Part I of this series, according to Sheldan, we are in the process of acquiring six more chakras, four of them within our bodies and two hovering just above the Crown Chakra at the tops of our heads. As you look at the image, the question may arise: “Where will we fit all of them in; it looks pretty full in there already?!” Pondering that question may help you realize why we are feeling so many “Ascension Symptoms” of various kinds. If you consider that each new chakra is bringing a whole new energy system online within our bodies, minds and spirits, this may be all the support you need for “taking yourself off the hook” for not feeling like yourself lately.

I will not elaborate on the basic seven chakras. More information is available by searching the internet or reading “Related Articles” below. Referring to the image above, all  seven of the “original” chakras remain in their original places. However, the first “new” one is between the Solar and the Heart Chakras. Sheldan refers to it as the Diaphragm Chakra. The next new energy center is between the Heart and the Throat Chakras. Some people are calling it the High Heart Chakra; Sheldan calls it the Thymus Chakra, as it sits over the thymus gland, which relates to the aging (soon to be the non-aging) process.

Even more intense action is happening in and around our heads. In addition to the two original chakras (the Brow and the Crown) we are bringing two more energy centers on board within our heads and two more hovering just above our heads. Ultimately, this is very good news but it may be causing some very unpleasant symptoms in the meantime.

Let’s discuss each of the new chakras individually and the related symptoms that might be giving you grief in the process.

I love this article it is really informative. click on one of the links  to continue reading.




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