Meditation Methods: Breathing, Counting, Visualizing, Listening

Meditation Methods: Breathing, Counting, Visualizing, Listening.


Millions of people are still ignoring meditation, associating it with witchcraft, shamanism and demons. We have to admit that they are right. Those things exist within meditation, it’s up to us to choose sides. How long could we enjoy doing harm, practice evil magic? Always bear in mind that evil is real, and it’s closer to you than you think.

Meditation is an effective tool for changing ones life, I am super-excited that the community support spirituality and there is actually a reasonable size community here, sharing ideas and inspiration with each other. Especially so in the field of poetry. Those who learn and adapt to meditation tend to think of it as poetry.

To meditate means to let go. Let go of attachment and judgement.

To continue reading this wonderful post click on the link above.  This post briefly discusses each method of meditation as well as offering a Visualization Meditation for Clearing Thoughts.

Well worth giving it your attention.


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