Aura Colours Explained

Click on the following link to read an informative article: Aura Colours Explained.

Our auras are a true representation of our inner state โ€“ our passions, emotions and preferred activities, as well as our current health.

Depending on our lifestyle and inclinations, we naturally tend to use some chakras more than others; therefore many people usually have a few dominant colours, rather than a balanced scale.

This article explains what the colours in our auras mean.


2 thoughts on “Aura Colours Explained

  1. It was really interesting when I took my Reiki Attunement, as they took a ‘before’ & ‘After picture of our auras… ‘before’ I was yellow and green… ‘after’ I was PINK, everywhere, and my aura had expanded. Was an awesome experience ๐Ÿ™‚


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