Hew Len and ho’oponopono

I just love this Hawaiian concept of ho’oponopono. Well worth a read. Synchronicity was in action here for me because I had just been introduced to the word ho’oponopono, with a very basic definition, (in a book I am currently reading) – then this article popped up within 24 hours of wanting to know more! Thank you Leigh for posting this.

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

I’m updating this to make it a post for ABC Wednesday and today the letter is “H”.

A few years ago a friend mentioned Hew Len to me and his work with the Hawaiian concept of ho’oponopono. As she described his teaching that clearing ourselves of memories and attachments (he calls it cleaning) is the most important work we can do–in others words heal ourselves–I was very excited because my own studies had been leading me to that conclusion.  I would love to study with a master who is teaching from that perspective. Unfortunately I’ve not yet had the financial wherewithal to take a workshop but I’ve studied some of the on line information and found that there are some videos on YouTube that can help get started on his teaching.

There are two parts to this video and there’s another one that has nine parts.

Hew Len worked 30…

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