Award Nomination Rules!


I have appreciated being nominated for awards, it’s inspiring to know that others like your blogs enough to nominate these awards.  However, the lengthy requirements of the posts have become a burden rather than a joy. I can see and understand that the awards are mainly a way for bloggers to network and help support one another in getting new readers, but I have reached a point of struggling to keep finding new bloggers that I have been reading long enough to make a decision; who do I choose? Have I given enough credit where it due?  Stress stress! I love to help fellow bloggers and I will continue to appreciate reblogs and posts shared on facebook or twitter etc.  It would be great if we could just thank the person who nominated us and maybe just pass it on to one more person rather than having to follow ‘all the rules’. Anyway, for those of you who would still like to nominate me for an award , I will put up a thank you and a link back to you but I will not fulfill the requirements for the award as they are too lengthy and time consuming. Thank you very much for past nominations I am grateful to have received them; I do hope I haven’t offended anyone, no personal slight is intended but I would appreciate it  if you could honour my wishes.


versatile blogger







5 thoughts on “Award Nomination Rules!

  1. Sorry, Anonymous comment is me – metaphyzgirl – I wasnt signed in when I commented so it came up Anonymous! So here it is again: Thank you all for your likes and comments, I am so happy that you understand and accept my reasoning. Namaste.


  2. thanks so much – you put in words what i felt i could not say lest someone think i was being superior and arrogant – also you showed the way – say thank you and acknowledge and leave it there – how to find people to nominate, when one has just begun, kind of presumptuous – also it must have a geometric progression effect, like a lottery – how is it handled and what is the outcome ? thanks for being frank.


  3. Thank your for the nomination. I totally understand the stress and time consumption of the Awards. Some people declare their blogs “Awards Free Zone” or just modify the rules as they can manage. Namaste!


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