Spiritual Friend & Sister

Spiritual Friend & Sister

It is my 60th birthday today and just wanted to share a poem that my great friend and  spiritual sister sent to me. Thank you Karen, it means a lot to me. Thank you also to everyone who sent cards and presents and birthday wishes. Love and light to you all.


I have the greatest spiritual friend on the Earth

Sisters by God but not by birth

Together we share our life story

We look for good in others’ glory

You understand me and I don’t have to explain

You bring the sunshine to the rain

Someone sent by God to do great things

One of heaven’s angels with no visible wings

If you ever met Angela then you will see

Why she is the definition of the greatest friend to me.

Angie, thanks for always being there for me

You have shown me just how spiritual best friends should be!






Lots of Love Karen xxx


5 thoughts on “Spiritual Friend & Sister

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments; yes I like the term ‘Soul sister’. love and hugs right back to you. Sorry for the slow response but only just returned from my hols in Ibiza, a birthday treat from my partner, bless him.


  2. Happy Birthday ! A milestone birthday indeed. What a sweet poem too! The term I use for what you have with your friend is “soul sister” – same thing! Hope you had a lovely day.


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