This is a great intoduction to the Dynamind healing technique.

Mommy Mystic

I enjoy sharing all sorts of chakra-based techniques at this site, and today I have a guest post from Hawaii-based meditation instructor and chakra healer Becca Chopra, of I have read and enjoyed both of Becca’s books on the chakras – Chakra Diaries, and her latest, Chakra Secrets, from which this excerpt is taken. Becca shares her own personal story in Chakra Secrets, including her explorations of kundalini, tantric sex, macrobiotics, past-life regression and other mind-body tools as she earns her credentials as an energy healer and finally finds love and light. In this excerpt she shares one of the chakra tools that has helped her the most, Dynamind, an “instant” healing process you can use anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy, and then head over to Amazon right away, as Chakra Secrets is available free for the Kindle there this Thursday and Friday, September 20th and 21st!!

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