Quantum Healing Opens the Flood-Gate to Change !

All Change Since Quantum Healing Experience

I followed my intuition and attended a ‘Quantum Holographic Echo Healing’ training course on 2nd September 2012. I was right to trust that this was ‘sent’ to me just when it was needed.

Floodgate to Change –  Thanks to Quantum Holographic Echo Healing Course.

The frequency of my vibration is changing therefore everything about me is changing. I am listening to my intuition and trusting in the flow of life.  Changing the appearance of  ‘Angela’s Space’ is just one way of sharing with you my new outlook; I am actually changing many things in my environment at the moment in order to reflect the inner movement I am currently experiencing. I am  moving through  a very exciting time in my life; my brain cells are firing on all cylinders, the cells, tissues and organs in my body are involved in a relationship with the inner intelligence  that is surging through my physical Being and beyond into my etheric and matrix energy  body. My whole Being seems to be singing a cosmic song and participating in a cosmic dance; it feels as though even my DNA is becoming more flexible to accommodate the new ‘me’. My spiritual umbilicus cord is strong and sturdy, blessings are coming to me every day and I feel so grateful. I am healing in many different ways on all levels of my Being …. Quantum Healing has opened a flood gate of new healing energies that are penetrating every part of me; more than this, my mind and heart have been opened to new possibilities and it is this that has activated the change in me and my outlook on life. I am letting go of fear … fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being good enough. So much about me is changing it is surreal. I can highly recommend Quantum healing, in my opinion it is nothing short of miraculous!

I feel that Quantum healing is a natural progression of the ascension process that affects us all, we are now ready to resonate with the high frequency of this healing system. Quantum healing is the therapy of the future, the 21st Century just wouldn’t be the same without it. I truly appreciate that I am living through times of great change and being a part of history in the making. Because of what I have experienced through this healing modality I have committed myself, at last, to following my true calling. It is my intention to further develop my knowledge and skill of Quantum healing and to become a ‘Certified Practitioner’ in this field of therapy. I am not new to energy healing, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher  and therefore, the  healing skills I already possess can easily be combined with and empowered by Quantum healing.

I can only speak from my own experience of Quantum healing; for me, Quantum healing is more than energy therapy; it is a passport to wholeness in every sense of the word. I am still experiencing the healing power of Quantum healing, I ‘feel’ that the intelligence of this healing source is gathering  pace and motion within as I assimilate and increasingly resonate with its vibration.

You know something? I really do believe in miracles because I am experiencing one!

To anyone out there who may be reading this all I can say is, experience it for yourself you won’t regret it. If you want more information or are interested in receiving this therapy or in becoming a ‘Quantum Holographic Echo Healing’ Practitioner follow the links below.




10 thoughts on “Quantum Healing Opens the Flood-Gate to Change !

  1. This subject – metaphysics and physics, science & spirit, matter and spirit, and all related issues have fascinated me for many decades – I have one book case which contains books only on this matter, a rare collection indeed – so it is wonderful to see your blog delve deeper and more pragmatically into the subject – my own will soon be over-reaching from the findings of religion to this new age confluence of two mighty rivers – Let me add one more practical, mystical dimension which surely has to do with physics at some level too – Visualization techniques of the older masters ( been there for centuries – Wisdom of the Mystic Masters by Joseph Weed) and the new masters like De Silva (Mind Control Techniques) and Shakti Guwain – I have used their meditation techniques for material well being (much like healing, really) and attaining practical objectives ( making boss less confrontational etc) and I cant believe from my notes about results that i had 95% success in achieving the goals of visulaizations over many decades. So thanks for focussing on the subject from the practical healing angle – I propose to take it up from the analytical and philosophical angle later. Many thanks once again


  2. It is a great feeling to read/see of others who are traveling my same path, whether on a more advanced level or not, there will eventually be a meeting point. The cosmos and world are changing, thus so are we. This ascension some of us are currently experiencing is wonderful, although it can be a lonely road sometimes. Friend’s we’ve had for a long time see the changes but don’t understand. Family members may think we’re delusional. But then there’s at least ONE person that becomes intrigued. And if it takes one person at a time to plant the seeds of awakening, then so be it.
    Energy healing is very important in this ascension process. I have recently been attuned for Reiki I. I look forward to continuing to the last level as well as learning other healing modalities. Have you heard of Magnetized Healing? I will research this Quantum Healing and find out if they have any courses available in my area.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


      1. It is a healing very similar to Reiki, except the client participates. I took course 1 about a month and a half ago but it was in Spanish. And although I speak, read and write it fluently, my first instinct is to think and process in English. I didn’t get much out of it. The literature was in Spanish and since I am not very familiar with this subject and its vocabulary in Spanish, it does not resonate with me. There was a website on it, but I may have forgotten the address because I cant seem to find it anywhere, not even through google. When I have an opportunity, I will send you more info.


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