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Peace With My Life

I’m a studier, ruminator, reader, thinker, analyst, ponderer. I think about things. A lot. I’ve noticed that during the past few years, I’ve been far more comfortable learning more about a subject than I am comfortable actually acting upon what I’ve learned. I tell myself that I’m not ready, and I make that statement right. I wasn’t ready. My feet were stuck in mud, and my gear in neutral. So I read, studied, learned, and pondered. My “action” often was meditation, which felt like progress, but didn’t really look like action. But it was, after all, what I needed. My thoughts changed their tenor. A lot. My thoughts have had a sea change in the past few years.

This summer, I took a few classes, stretching my wings, jiggling the gear shift a little. Then, I did something that I didn’t want to do with what I learned – I…

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