This is a really constructive guide regarding healing/business and money.

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International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

Our relationship with money can reveal powerfulenergetic insights into ourselves. Quite simply, our money patterns are typically consistent with other aspects of our lives. Adjectives that describe our energy, such as tight, controlling, adventurous, systematic or flamboyant, also pinpoint our money energy. Understanding the energy of money can enhance the healing process, show us how to strengthen our personal finances.

How Money Energy Manifests in the Aura
Money relates to the third chakra, the solar plexus. The color (yellow) and the name (solar plexus) relate this chakra to the sun, the original source of all our energy. This is also the chakra of will and courage. The “money spot” in the aura, that is, the spot that relates directly to the ability to acquire money, should be above the physical solar plexus, in the third layer of the aura.

To assess your money spot, look for one of…

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