Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award
Sunshine Award

I have accepted the invitation from Yamyah

to bring a little sunshine into my life and the lives of others by accepting the Sunshine Award. Thank you so much Yamyah you are a truly beautiful spirit.

here are the rules:

Black heart (cards) Thank the blogger who gave you the award.

Black heart (cards) Write up a post about it.

Black heart (cards) Answer the questions below.

Black heart (cards) Pass it along to ten people and let them know they’ve received the award.

Black heart (cards) Put up the picture of the blog award.  Done.


favourite colour: Violet/purple/lavender

favourite animal: cats

favourite drink: Green tea with mint

facebook or twitter: Both. My links are on Gravatar profile.

my passions: Reiki healing & Attunements/LOA/Giving & receiving love

giving or getting presents: Both

favourite pattern: Heart shaped/ six pointed star/pyramid

favourite flower: Orchids/lilies/roses

As for the nominees, I am taking a leaf out of Yamyah’s book and inviting ALL of you who wish to receive this award, to take it, every one of you is  deserving of it and brings sunshine into someone’s life…


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