Invocation Prayer

Lord, I pray to increase my vibratory and conscious level of being.

 I pray; meditate; visualise and carry out good actions to refine my karmic energy; to develop spiritually and attain intuitive conviction of ‘His Almighty Presence’ within me.

 As Immortal Soul I am made in the image of the Creator; the Self and Source of all.

 I pray rationally and wisely for me to receive all the abundance and opulence that my karma merits me to receive.

 I pray for the Grace of God; for Inspiration and wisdom balanced with understanding;

 I pray for the umbilical cord to spirit to be strong, positive and powerful;

 I pray for love, mercy, kindness, joy; that is balanced with discernment, judgement, discipline Strength and Discrimination.

 I pray for Truth and Beauty, to be who I truly am, to make Conscious decisions, to be happy and confident.

 I pray for creativity, for victory and achievement during my day to day activities; I pray for the driving force of change in all natural processes and cycles to be balanced by the splendour of positive thoughts and Dissemination; by the feeling of intelligence and the right placing of information.

 I pray for a strong foundation, for an ego that serves the Self so that day-to-day activities are taken care of in a positive and efficient manner; 

I pray to experience the glory of the physical universe, I pray for good health and for an environment that nourishes me. I pray to manifest all that is good; I pray to experience as much of the abundance and opulence of the physical world that I can.

 My physical body is powered by the emotions and intelligence of the Psyche, the ideas and inspiration of spirit, and the initial life force of the Divine and is capable of achieving great things. I am grounded and aware of all that is around me.



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