Declaration and Affirmation


The purpose of this document is to outline the context in which I live my life, and to affirm my Conscious intent to positively fulfill the purpose of my being in this leading edge time-space dimension. I declare it is my intention to live and work with the natural, metaphysical laws of the Universe so that I may continue to experience a life full of miracles and an abundance of joy, love, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, appreciation, inspiration, peace and tranquillity. This declaration is my source, my purpose and the context in which I live my life.

 I declare and affirm I am a physical extension of ‘Source Energy’ focused in this physical body; I am Conscious, Intelligent Vibration and co-creator of my own experience. I am in vibrational connection with ‘All That Is’ All diversity is diverse in name and form only. The purpose of my being in this world is to experience the vast contrast in a joyous manner; the way in which I intend to do this with all sincerity is to think better thoughts, feel positive emotions more consistently, be more aware of my words and actions and observe the expansion in wisdom and Consciousness as I journey through life.

 I declare and affirm the paradigm of the life I live is expressed through the knowing and trust I have, in that at the core of our being all human beings and animals are in essence beautiful, amazing and perfect. Nature and the natural world produce magical effects in glorious colour which I observe with such pleasure. I cherish and celebrate the unique blessings in the form of gifts that each and every soul expresses in the world; I truly appreciate kindness, compassion, genuine caring and sharing with others. Everyone has something to give to our planet Earth and to each other to make a positive difference.

 I declare and affirm my strength, courage, confidence, truth and clarity comes from within; I choose, know, create and understand my dreams, meditations, prayers, and manifestations. I dedicate and surrender my every thought, feeling, word and action to the one Self, the Self and Source of all. I accept all synchronicities in my life with knowingness and a smile on my face. I ask and the Universe answers; I am in vibrational alignment to hear, see and receive all abundance that is rightfully mine; I allow myself to experience the absolute prosperity, love, light, harmony, laughter, passion and complete happiness that ‘Source’ provides.

 I affirm my gratitude for all the blessings I have received and for all those blessings that are on their way to me. I declare to improve and perfect my skills and gifts of ‘healing’ and ‘self expression’ in all its forms.

 All of my dreams, intentions, affirmations and declarations are complete and in alignment with my purpose in the powerful now.  Namaste.

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