Awakening Our Light Body

Awakening Our Light Body


As you evolve on the deeper levels of consciousness, through deep introspection, intuition and through life experiences…the light inside of you, let’s say, becomes brighter, stronger; as it does so, that light continues to awaken you and humanity on various cosmic levels. It is the cosmic mind, also called the higher mind that is increasing or shall we say awakening your crystalline essence energy, stored in your human cells and DNA.

As this crystalline ball of energy expands, it moves outward and through your body, engulfing you in its light; in doing so it is changing your cellular structure and awakening your DNA in ways that promote health of the body and transcend old ways of believing. It is possible to help this process along by working at balancing out all the extremes in your life…as with your finances and learning to live within your means. It will also help for you to find and create a form of work that enhances your personal integrity and not your ego. By balancing out the extremes in your life, you will be expanding your consciousness. As your personal universe expands and becomes more balanced, it also expands the universal wholeness.

Let there be light



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