Reiki: Scanning and Beaming

Reiki: Scanning and Beaming

Scanning and Beaming extend the effectiveness of a Reiki treatment, increasing awareness of where to treat and focus healing in the aura and holographic field where the cause of illness is found.


The attunement process not only opens the palm chakras so that Reiki can flow, it also heightens their sensitivity to psychic energy. By using the chakras in the palms of your hands, it is possible to sense where a client needs Reiki. We call the process of finding and healing these areas of need “scanning”.

To scan your client, first ask your healing and spiritual guides to assist you to identify the areas where the person needs Reiki. Then place your left (non-dominant) hand about twelve inches away from the top of the person’s head. Allow your intuition to guide you; then move your hand closer, about three to four inches from the top of the head, and begin moving your hand above the person’s face and continue down the whole body toward the feet, continuing to remain about three to four inches away from the body. Move your hand very slowly and be aware of any changes in energy that register on the palm of your hand.

When you feel any change at all, then you will know that this is a place where the person needs Reiki. You may feel coolness, warmth, tingling, pressure, little electric shocks, pulsations, distortions, irregularity or a pulling sensation. The change may be very slight and you may think it is in your imagination. However, trust your intuition.

When you first begin to practice scanning, your sensitivity may not be very developed, so you need to pay very close attention. As you practice, your ability to scan the body will improve. After a while, you may even find that you can scan with your eyes and sense where the problems are, or you could begin to actually see the negative energy around the distressed areas.

As soon as you find a change in the energy field bring both hands together at this spot and channel Reiki. Reiki will heal the aura and chakra(s) and flow into the physical body to work on the organs and tissues and heal them also.

Continue channelling Reiki at the detected spot until you feel the flow of Reiki subsiding or until you feel the area is healed. Then re-scan the area to confirm that it is healed – if not, you can continue to do Reiki there until it feels complete. Afterwards, scan until you find another area in need of healing and do Reiki there. Continue until you have scanned and healed the whole energy field.

Scanning and healing the energy field is very healthy because the cause of most illnesses and other problems can be found in the aura/holographic field. By treating the aura/holographic field, you will be working on the cause and thereby healing problems before they can manifest in the physical body. Even after a problem has developed in the body, a client will respond better to Reiki if the aura is treated first. By healing the aura first, you help the person’s energy field to accept Reiki more completely. The energy will then flow more easily during the regular Reiki treatment. Therefore, if you are going to do both a scanning and a regular treatment, do the scanning first.

As you interact with the client’s energy field, the two of you will become intimately connected. You may become aware of the cause of any distortion and the personal problems connected to it. You may also be given insight into how the problems were created and what the client can do to facilitate the healing. Share this information only if you are guided to do so, and then only with loving kindness and without judgement. This is sacred work. Always treat the client and the process with great respect.



Using the distant healing symbol it is possible to beam Reiki to your client from across the room. This can dramatically increase the amount of Reiki flowing through you to the client. Beaming also creates a unique healing process of treating the whole aura at once. After treating the aura, the Reiki energy will enter the physical body and treat areas that need it.

It is also possible to beam Reiki directly to a specific area. Just imagine your hands are like radar dishes focusing Reiki on the area you want to treat. Beaming works better if you are aware of the Reiki energy as it flows through you. Focus your mind only on the Reiki. If other thoughts come into your mind, gently brush them away and bring your attention back to the Reiki. Beaming can be done at the end of a standard treatment or it can be done by itself.  


 NB:  Scanning, Beaming or any form of Reiki healing can only be carried out by those Practitioners who have received the attunement process that enables the Reiki healing energy to flow.


Reiki written in Shinjitai Japanese.
Reiki written in Shinjitai Japanese. Image from Wikipedia


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