Paradoxes of the Law of Attraction.

Paradoxes of the Law of Attraction.

 There are so many paradoxes in this whole thing. So many!

And it is really like that — going against so much of what we’ve been taught. Instead of railing against and gritting your teeth and fighting with things, it involves accepting things and moving on from there.

Instead of thinking that we’ve got to work hard and MAKE it happen, it’s about relaxing and LETTING it happen.

Instead of counting every minute, hurrying and racing here and there to MAKE it happen, it’s about living IN the minute and being fully present to it, which means that we let go of control.

Instead of striving to be perfect, it’s about being who we are, which IS perfect.

Instead of trying, it’s about being.

It’s about practice and yet this practice involves flow, not force.

Instead of it being about learning to love ourselves, it’s about allowing the love we ALREADY HAVE for ourselves to be uncovered/discovered/flow.

Instead of being responsible for it all, it’s about letting go of responsibility for it all.

Instead of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, it’s about getting rid of the bootstraps altogether.

Instead of having power over others and over circumstances trying to change them so that we’ll be happy, it’s about being happy ourselves, and then things and others change.

Instead of straightening ourselves up so others will be pleased, it’s about pleasing ourselves so that we will be pleased and what others say or think will not matter so much.

Instead of thinking our way through things and using logic (though it’s not all a bad thing), it’s more about FEELING our way through things, and logic prevails because it feels right.

Instead of figuring it all out, it’s about letting things fall together.

It seems less easy, and yet over the long haul, it’s easier and easier.

( Teachings of Abraham Hicks)

6 thoughts on “Paradoxes of the Law of Attraction.

    1. So true Carol, thank you for your comment on this and some of my other blogs. Namaste

      NB: sorry I wasn’t logged in when I left my first comment so it came up Anonymous !


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