Your Spiritual Wisdom: Why Can’t They See It?

Your Spiritual Wisdom: Why Can’t They See It?


Have you ever tried to share your latest “aha!” with someone, and they smiled at you vacantly and changed the subject? Have you ever been just positive you understood exactly what someone needed to do to heal them-selves and they completely dismissed it when you toldthem about it? Have you ever had a powerful intuitive hit and shared it with someone and they looked at you like you were a Martian? Have you ever been passionate about a spiritual book that resonated powerfully with you and triggered huge leaps in consciousness for you, and gave a copy to someone you thought would benefit from reading it—then noticed it sat gathering dust without them ever making it past page one? Are there loved ones in your life to whom your spirituality—the aspect of your life that you most treasure—may as well not even exist? Have you ever asked, “What’s wrong with these people?! Why can’t they see what I see?”

Nothing whatever is wrong with them. They are simply operating at the vibrational frequency where they are, and you are operating at the vibrational frequency where you are. The Law of Attraction dictates that trying to get someone to see something that is a match for the frequency level where you are is futile if they are vibrating at a much different frequency. Think of a hummingbird’s wings. When they are in motion, they are nearly invisible. That’s because they are moving so rapidly, they are imperceptible to the human eye, which has, for the most part, trained itself to see things that are moving much more slowly. When the hummer is at rest, you can see its wings with clarity. That’s because they are now a match for your perceptual abilities.

Now use this example to understand why the spiritual wisdom you want to share is not received. Asking someone to see what you see if it is not a match for their current perceptual ability is like someone insisting you see the hummingbird’s wings clearly when they are in motion. Spiritual perceptions are thoughts that vibrate higher in the frequency hierarchy, and require that the observer be able to perceive things that are vibrating at higher frequency so that they are a vibrational match to them.

The potential observer needs to be operating at a high enough vibrational frequency to perceive them or they simply cannot. Higher vibrational thought may not be in the perceptual range that the person with which you’d like to share your ideas can interface with. It’s not that they are dull or somehow not as “spiritual” as you are, they are simply at a place in their own spiritual development where what you are trying to share with them is not a vibrational match. It may as well not even exist as far as they are concerned because they cannot see it, or, if they can see it, they cannot relate to it.

This is all just perfect—until we go into judgment about it. As we rise in vibrational frequency and can see more and more (consciousness and frequency are perfectly correlated), it is vital that we refrain from judging where anyone else is in their spiritual progression. The true center of each of us is God, having the experience of being human, at different levels of self-awareness. This provides God, All That Is, with a complete experience. Judging anyone as “less-than” because their perceptions don’t seem as keen as yours simply serves to lower your own vibrational frequency, and is evidence that you are not as elevated in consciousness as you’d like to think!

The higher you go in frequency, the more clearly you understand that everything is as it should be, and everyone is where they are supposed to be in consciousness. So when you feel truly inspired to offer your profound insights to someone, do so freely, with no expectation of agreement or validation. Simply offer it without attachment, and trust that if it’s a match, it will be received. And know that, even if someone may seem not to be receiving a pearl of wisdom, they may be getting more than you know from it. Offering something out of Love in response to a prompting from within is your responsibility—deciding whether or not it was received, is not! Let the Law of Attraction sort it all out.

©2006 Julia Rogers Hamrick

6 thoughts on “Your Spiritual Wisdom: Why Can’t They See It?

  1. Yes, I can relate very much to this. I have realised that people can always benefit from a loving presence whether they are directly aware of it or not. In helping to develop compassion, tolerance and persistance on my spiritual path, I have learned more about healing from people in my daily life who operate at drastically lower and sometimes deeply conflicting vibrational patterns, than from any Guru. But a quote from a Buddhist teaching also springs to mind here too. When a young monk asked his master, what does a Buddha see? The master replied, “Other Buddhas.” So it’s not a hard sell when we are trying to help others. We can take comfort knowing that divine nature is always fully present within everyone, and that in some way, in some life, everyone will eventually get their chance to fully connect with it. Thank you. Many blessings.


  2. I love this post. We are all on different frequencies and you can’t force people into enlightenment. Information has to resonate with you in order for it to be applicable to your current state of consciousness and cause change.


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