Prayer of Gratitude

The Lord's Prayer
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Prayer of Gratitude

Lord, thank you for this day

and for each and every day

you present to me.

Your beauty and Intelligence unfolds

as you show your Self to me

what a vision to behold.

Lord, help me to keep you close

In my heart, mind and soul,

remind me to thank you for the

joys and gifts of each day, and

show me how to live in Consciousness,

to be in this world, not off it.

Shower me with your blessings Lord

so that I may see, experience and

reflect your light.

Help me to be all that I can be

on my journey home to you.

Teach me how to share you with others.



(c) Words of Prayer (19 lines including Title) 02nd February 2009.

This prayer was sent to me during the night of 2nd February 2009. When I awakened from my sleep, the words were dancing in my mind so I immediately reached for my note book and recorded the words. Some words/lines were very clear indeed while others were a little jumbled. My intuition helped me to order the words into the prayer above.

During the evening prior to this experience I was reading: ‘The Second Coming of Christ‘ by Paramahansa Yogananda. I remember feeling in awe of the way he interpreted ‘The Lord’s Prayer‘ and how he intuitively brought prayers out of his meditations. I sincerely wished I could do that ! Thank you Lord, for hearing my thoughts and for blessing me with my wish.  So now, I share you with others.

note: OM AH HUNG – to purify body, speech and mind.

Paramahansa Yogananda as depicted on the cover...
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