Just Me

I am a TruthSeeker, Soul Searcher, Reiki Master and LightWorker; I am focused on Evolving in Consciousness and helping others through the Ascension process in any way that I can.  I am interested in all things metaphysical/spiritual;  Healing & complimentary/vibrational therapies; Soul work and all forms of Personal Development.  I am very sensitive and pick up on other’s vibrations / Auras & feelings; I tend to ‘see’ people as being in various degrees of growth in a similar manner to flowers – seed, bud, opening – up, full bloom. I also ‘feel’ and ‘see’ people   in colour; of course our aura / colour can change with our moods on a daily basis.

I have always been a ‘people-person’ and in the past this has shown in the careers I have been involved with for example, Training Officer – working with the unemployed and also with emotionaly vulnerable youths; Care Assistant working with people with ‘learning difficulties’, the last career I moved into after yet another three years study/training was Psychiatric Nursing. I specialised in caring for the elderly with a variety of Mental Health difficulties including; anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia and various types of dementia.  My nursing career was challenging but very rewarding at times.  Sometimes I would be holding the hand of a patient and the Reiki would automatically switch on, I could feel the vibration of the Reiki surging through me and through the patient. Occasionally a patient would remark ‘ooh I feel all tingly and nice’. Was this just a coincidence ? I think not !

Anyway, although I enjoyed nursing I was being pulled in two directions more and more.  I have always had a natural empathy with spiritual/vibrationary healing and felt as though this field of healing was where I realy belonged. The cumulative energies that become embedded in the very walls of a Psychiatric hospital are very heavy indeed, to such a sensitive soul as myself  I was often effected by these energies and had to work hard to protect my aura.  I learned such a lot during my nursing years about energies and dealing with them; the mind and how it can devastate your physical, emotional and spiritual health .. or .. positively uplift and empower you physicaly, emotionaly and spiritualy … depending on whether you allow your mind (lower mind or ego) to dominate and control your actions and behaviour .. or .. allow your higher mind (higher self) to be expressed.

During this tug-of-war that was going on inside me as to whether I should  continue nursing or go back to what I had a natural affinity with, my own mother’s physical health deteriorated. needless to say, I took early retirement from nursing in 2008 and became my mom’s registered carer.  My mom’s health is much better now. All she needs, according to her, is a new pair of legs so that she can walk better. Bless her!

I strongly believe that ‘We are always in the right place at the right time’ and, ‘Everything is as it should be’.  No matter what is occurring I believe these things to be totally appropriate and true.  So yes, I was meant to leave nursing and to continue developing personaly and spiritualy in a new way.  My current path or quest has led me here; I know it will become apparent as to the reason ‘why’ in due course.

I look forward to linking up with others of a like-mind; I look forward to sowing new seeds, linking with new buds and flowering together in this magical domain.  Love and light to all.


3 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. Hey thanks for liking my post on the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I see you are a worthy recipient as well.
    I also believe there is something else out there we do not completely understand, and unfortunately many of our race have no appreciation for that.
    Anyway thanks again and take care,


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