Can a person really feel secure in this life when they follow a religion based on fear?

I draw from my thoughts, feelings and current understanding of Religion vs Spirituality in the attempt to answer the question posed above.  The way I currently see it is outlined below:

We are each at different levels of understanding and therefore on different levels of vibration and Consciousness. Fear stems from ignorance, ignorance stems from unquestioning minds; unquestioning minds stem from ‘faith’ and a ‘blind belief’ in orthodox religious teachings because ‘they know not how to lift themselves up’. For those of a ‘lower’ vibration Organised Religion is their comfort blanket …. Even though it includes ‘fear of God’. One can appease God by doing good works which brings relief and tempory security; One either fears God or fears the unknown … the unknown is too scary and doesn’t bring relief.  The irony is that blind believers think they know God but they do not; so their apparant security is illusional/delusional. However, I believe there is a need for organised religion for those individuals who are not yet at a Consciousness level to raise themselves above it.  Organised religion is the first stepping stone or spring-board that will ‘hopefully’ open one’s mind to questioning the teachings rather than blindly accepting them. To know God or the Source or Intelligent Consciousness or whatever name one wishes to apply .. One has to experience this force from within … not fear it from without.



One thought on “Can a person really feel secure in this life when they follow a religion based on fear?

  1. Hey there,

    your analysis of organised human life as driven by repetitive and habitual patterns of existence is right on! Very precise conclusions, it usually takes me a few pages on my Blog to make the same point – but then again, I tend to meticulous. Mind Energy in Action/ Motion is after all more about psychology than anything else… or should I say, extreme conditioning leading to very specific States of Mind & Existence? Once we can let go of the conditioning we all received from the day of our birth, reality as we understand this world is nothing but… a Reality Show?

    Action and interaction, cause and effect, love me-love me not, this or that… Our dualistic world, whether driven by logic and reason – or as most people apparently prefer – by emotion and feelings, is going around in slow circles. The intuitive apprehension of ultimate reality tells us that this entire universe is driven by patterns of energy in motion, which are further defined by our emotional and physical states of existence into positive or negative experiences.

    The movie “The Secret” called that “The Law of Attraction”; ZEN/ Mahayana/ Tibetan Buddhism describes it as the “Universal Law of Cause and Effect” also known as “Karma”. I tend to call it a “Cosmic Dance” based on the basic principle of aversion and attraction, or should I say human mind activity transformed into positive and negative energy through intellectual, discriminative, conceptual and dualistic perceptions of reality… So, let’s dance?

    Thanks for your vote on my Blog! I think there are quite a few more articles you might like, such as “Follow the White Rabbit” or “The Dawn of No Reason” and “The Matrix of Reality – Reloaded”, “The Final Question – Redux”, “Forever Slave in Conditioned Existence”, to mention but a few…


    Elk Arne Clausen


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