Religion vs Spirituality

God can’t be found in Religion   (Phoenix Rfta)

In my humble opinion, religion is a man made system of trying to explain the inexplicable, understand the unknowable. A successful smoke screen put up to prevent us from discovering who we really are. A Religion causes separations, from other Religions, other ways of thinking, other beliefs, other races. That’s not right. We are all human, we all have Spirit and a Soul. Divine Creations are what we are, made in the image of our Creator. How can we separate other such creations from the Source? Look at the mass genocides through-out history that’s been committed in the name of one god or another, one religion or another. How can The All be found amongst any of them.


This was writtwen by one of my friends on facebook – Phoenix Rfta – on his information page under ‘Religious Views’.  I have Re-posted it here because I totally resonate with what he states.


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